I work with The Wellness Tree Group, a health and wellness company based in West Sussex, together we aim to have a positive impact on the health and lives of people around us through inspiration, innovation and empowerment. To invoke long lasting health, fitness and well-being and to participate in the creation of a healthier you, in the most natural way. Read more about The Wellness Tree group by visiting their website… Read More…

Whether you want to improve your health, enhance your look, get fit, give your current workout or health plan that extra edge or increase vitality and wellbeing then you’ve come to the right place! 

There are 5 essential elements you need to consider; circulation, oxygenation, energy, detoxification, and nutrition. Once you have all these you will be on the right path to looking good, and feeling great!

At A Better Life Naturally we have a variety of therapies which incorporate these elements and together with home support will get you on the right track to long lasting health!

Therapies include:

Naked Mud Glass Bottle sauna Cellogie Logo ~IMG_4276
Peat Hyperthermia Far Infrared Sauna Natural Nutritional Support Low Level Light Therapy
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