£120 (RRP £145) / 70 mins

LuminFusion is a supercharged skin service which brings luminosity to a whole new level!  This service Resurfaces with a retinol peel and eye serum, Infuses active ingredients with nanoinfusion & Renews with LED red light therapy to instantly reveal glowing skin. Zero downtime and benefits include –

  • Increases skin luminosity with glass-like finish
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and hydrates
  • NO downtime

Pro MicroNeedling

Introductory price for a limited time

£150 (RRP £180) / 70 mins

An exceptionally effective treatment to firm, smooth and tighten the skin naturally. Also helps reduce scars, hyper pigmentation, post acne marks, open pores while promoting even skin tone and texture. The Bio-Therapeutic Titan device allows for highly controlled and precise treatment adapted to your exact skin needs and comfort. With minimum downtime this treatment is excellent for beautiful, luminous skin. The more MN the skin receives the fuller, more youthful and plump the skin will become. Note also that the remodelling phase when the new tissue is created can lat up to a year after a short series of treatments.

Pro Power Peel PPP

£99 (RRP £120) / 65 mins

The all-new PPP redefines the peel experience. Our strongest and fastest peel yet, the PPP collection features a full suite including Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and Beta HA’s. A customised Peel to instantly rejuvenate & refresh your skin leaving it clear, smooth and glowing. Powerfully targets lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and acne. The Dermalogica unique system of 3 different acids allows for progressive exfoliation personal to you. Results are enhanced with technology, IonActive Serums, customised masques and relaxing Massage. Advanced 3 & 6 treatment saving packages, inclusive of skin care products available.

Pro NanoNeedling

Introductory price for a limited time

£99 (RRP £130) / 65 mins

Want visibly smoother skin texture with zero downtime? Resurfacing actives and professional serums are infused into skin with a unique device, which uses tiny cones to maximise product penetration. Nanoneedling goes by various names such as Microexfoliation, Nano infusion or Nano exfoliation. It is a non-invasive procedure that involves the use of a pen style modality and nano-tips instead of needles. It uses very tiny cones formed of stainless steel that do not penetrate the skin, but do help with resurfacing and product infusion.

Book Skin Consultation

This is needed because these advanced services use powerful, active ingredients and technologies so it’s important to ensure any pre-treatment instructions, authorisations, patch tests etc. are observed for your protection and best results.

What happens next? On receiving your request I will e-mail you the appropriate consultation form that you complete online. Then I can tailor your treatment precisely and book you in.

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