In my work, I employ a variety of different techniques that blend together to deliver what you say you need and how your body responds.  In this way each Massage is different and typically may include Bowen Therapy, Emmett Technique and Acupressure points to help balance.

Each Massage is tailored to your specific needs and goals and takes place in a comfortable, air-conditioned studio. As a Massage therapist I emphasise the importance of helping each and every client feel as comfortable as possible during their treatment in order to get the maximum possible benefits from each session. You’ll leave each session noticing a difference that only you can know, and take away with you… It could be  a lighter step, feeling mentally and physically refreshed, a renewed sense of enthusiasm for life…

Whatever it is, let’s look at some of the different therapies I provide.  You can choose a full body treatment or be guided from the following selection…

Luxury Bespoke Massages From £63 / hour

Please enquire as to longer sessions below –

Optional Add Ons £20 each.
Upgrade your treatment with this natural and powerful therapy. EARTHING is excellent for reducing inflammation/pain and as an Affiliate I’m happy to advise you further. Similarly LED – particularly Near Infra Red, works deeper, accelerates healing and is also proven to reduce inflammation, pain, stress and enhance sleep. May also be added to enhance body treatments – just ask.

Hot Stone Massage Fusion

From £90
This indulgent massage uses gently warmed basalt stones to allow Reinu to focus on key areas.

This is a unique blended therapy combining Massage, Hot Stones and Emmett Technique. Reinu adapts to your needs and tailors each treatment to give relief from muscle tension and pain, improve circulation, reduce levels of stress and anxiety and provide you a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

Structural Release Treatment

From £63
This treatment uses revolutionary bodywork techniques, which are painless and effective, to release your spine, neck and hips, so they are free of tension and can function as they are meant to. Your nerve, lymph and blood supply to all your organs will be significantly improved, leaving you feeling more supple, healthy and energetic.

Foot Massage

From £63
It’s amazing how our feet affect the rest of our bodies and of course they are our very foundation. That’s why this subtle but deep massage will rejuvenate your whole body. It’s the perfect way to relieve stress at any time. Feeling the gentle depth of this Massage around your lower legs and feet is a unique and uplifting experience

Reflex Massage

From £63
This takes the principles of Foot Massage one step further by stimulating your feet’s reflex points. This is a deep, powerful treatment, yet is totally painless, with you staying in control the entire time through the use of hand signals.

Full Body Massage

From £63
This intensive treatment is tailored especially for you and provides a truly unique, flowing and powerful Massage. From beginning to end you will feel yourself enveloped in the healing power of touch. Whatever you want from your Massage, this treatment can help whether you need to feel soothed, released from both physical and mental tensions or more centred and calmed. You’ll finish feeling rejuvenated, perhaps ready to embrace new opportunities life presents to you.

Colon Treatment

From £63
Your whole body’s health depends on the proper functioning of your bowels, so this treatment will go deep in order to bring your body back into balance. Despite its powerful effects, you will remain in control of the session at all times to ensure it is neither too light nor too deep for you.

Detox Treatment

From £63
This builds on the colon treatment by working with specific reflex points in your feet in order to reactivate your body’s own ability to cleanse itself. It is ideal for any time when you feel like you need to refresh and reenergise your whole body. It is particularly beneficial when booked as a series of five weekly treatments, which are very popular in the New Year after Christmas indulgences!

Hydrotherm Massage

From £90
This treatment takes place with you lying face up on warm Hydrotherm water-filled cushions to help achieve perfect spinal alignment. Anyone can benefit from Hydrotherm massage, and it is particularly suited to the elderly, pregnant women, or anyone who finds it uncomfortable to lie on their front or turn over.

Pukka Indian Head Massage

From £63
This treatment includes back, arms, neck and scalp. Excellent for stress management and provides an instant boost to energy levels and the immune system when received regularly. The Western version is performed seated and without the need to remove clothes. “Pukka” Indian Head Massage is received lying down and warm ayurvedic oils are massaged into the scalp

Please Enquire As To Longer Sessions

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