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The Live Your Life programme is all about providing insight and tools that empower you to make positive, lasting changes in your life. As a couple, with a friend or one to one, you can explore ways to improve your health, mental clarity, confidence and emotional strength. You may choose to explore your relationships, possible negative patterns in behaviour and move towards your full potential.

This isn’t a short-term solution to your problems. It’s about making profound changes in your thinking so you can see and accept what’s really important to you and embrace it, putting you back on your true path. Half-day workshops or longer, themed retreats, help you identify what it is that’s holding you back and overcome it for good to enrich your life and thrive as you were meant to.


These retreats are based on the workshops below with added extras.

Price £225

Themed Retreats
These non-residential retreats (maximum two participants) run over 1.5 days, with your choice of 1.5-hour long transformational treatments included. Lunches and all refreshments are provided.

Each retreat offers a safe, supportive and confidential space for you to explore and find the right keys for you to open and live an expanded and happier life.

Exercises and self help techniques provide the ability to pause for thought, resulting in awareness of behavioural patterns and the tools to change them.

The themed retreats and workshops are experiential, so each participant will take what they need from their experience, which can include a variety of activities:

  • Relaxation sessions – Breathing & Healing stretches (tree hugging not necessary!)
  • Breathing meditation and chakra balancing to harmonise and settle
  • Guided visualisation to focus your intentions
  • Exercises for clarity and insight, to identify your triggers and release you from self- limitations. These may include visual, pen and paper, Q & A and also drawing exercises to engage the unconscious mind
  • Simple and cleansing abdominal massage techniques for DIY at home
  • Homeostatic acupressure points proven to balance – pulse, blood pressure & blood sugar levels
  • Precision affirmations for stress relief and growth
  • Cranio-sacral ‘still point’ self help techniques
  • 1.5 Hour transformational therapy using methods that resonate with your retreat outcomes

1.5 Hour Transformational therapy included in your
You can heal the mind together with the body, and achieve enhanced synergistic benefits. This way I can use my expertise Massage and Emmett Technique to support you as you start making changes in your life which may not be commonly linked with receiving Massage.

Whether it’s losing weight, tackling an ongoing addiction, or any other lingering problem, Transformational Massage, which combines the power of touch and carefully chosen words, can bring you another step closer to conquering it once and for all. And if privacy is a concern, there’s no need to even disclose the nature of the problem – just relax and embrace the power of touch combined with the power of your unconscious mind, guided towards your target outcomes.

Treatment menu – The 1.5 hour tailored treatment allows you to choose between:

  • Extended luxury full body Massage
  • Back Massage & tailored facial
  • Top & Toes – Soothing leg & reflex foot treatment with Pukkha Indian Head Massage

Price £120


These are pure workshops of 4 hours duration and focus on different areas – for example:

Core Workshop II – So do you think you know yourself?
Everyone possesses an ‘inner child’ and ‘inner parents’ – and this workshop allows some light-hearted, but nonetheless accurate and fascinating exploration, of whether we exhibit patterns of 'the hurt child', 'manipulator', 'rationaliser', 'martyr' – just to name a few. Tracing back to our past experiences and our own childhood, sheds further light and understanding. The result is knowing yourself more, an improvement in your inner strength, control and confidence, granting you the power to choose your own actions rather than just reacting impulsively.

Advanced workshop III – Transform your body
Our minds and bodies are inextricably linked. As a result, emotions can have just as serious an effect on our bodies as physical tension or damage. This workshop will raise your awareness of your own health, allowing you to interpret the messages your body is sending and act on them effectively. When you combine this with the breathing and relaxation exercises we’ll be covering, you’ll soon be able to retake control of your health and wellbeing leading to an inner calmness and greater confidence.

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