Natural Nutritional Support

Our cells are the source of our health

The health of a cell depends on three key points:

Nutrition – first and foremost the cell must be nourished in order to grow and reproduce.

Protection – the cell must be well nourished in order to defend and protect itself

Function – the cell must be well nourished and protected in order to exercise its specific function.

Cellogie acts at the source of our wellbeing

Thanks to this new biological complex called Cellogie™ you can now provide your body with the nutritional support of plants, berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs straight to where its needed, when its needed.

What makes Cellogie™ so revolutionary?

Doctors and researchers designed the patented technology of the Cellogie™ bio-granule by studying one of nature’s great miracles, the snowflake. Using the unique Snowball effect, it eradicates the need for binders, fillers, capsules or coatings that plague many of the supplements on the market today which impede the digestion of supplements in the stomach. The result, millions of capsules leave the body whole and get flushed down the toilet with little or no nutritional benefit gained.


  • Gives your cells all the nutrients they need to stay healthy, protected and function efficiently
  • Naturally restores the balance of nutrients
  • Easily administered
  • Only 0.7 calories per bio-granule
  • Totally GMO free
  • No capsule, no coating
  • No loss of quality or quantity of active ingredients
  • Does not contain gelatine, cellulose, artificial colours, alcohol, or preservatives
  • Tested to demonstrate its effects clinically in human studies rather than just relying on laboratory evaluation
  • Cellogie™ is absorbed in the mouth which means the beneficial active ingredients reach the blood stream quickly and get to work immediately!