Facials and Other Holistic Therapies

When you need a little extra care and attention, when life’s been tough or just because you KNOW you deserve it – and want to continue to feel great! I offer an exquisite range of facials and other therapies.

Price £95 (100 mins)

The BVM Top to Toe Harmonising Facial
This facial combines a full body massage with acupressure point stimulation and scalp treatment using warm ayurvedic oils and the Bharti Vyas Ultimate Therapy range. Your whole body will feel rejuvenated at the end of this two-hour treatment and your skin will feel supple, smooth and rejuvenated. A detailed ayurvedic consultation is necessary to tailor the session precisely for you and your needs.

Price £75 (80 mins)

The BVM Skin Refresher Treatment with coconut oil

This amazing 75 minute body treatment is all you need to make sure your skin looks and feels vibrant and refreshed all year round…The treatment includes facial micro dermabrasion, friction massage with coconut oil, full body salt scrub plus a full body serum or self tan application.

It can…

  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Improves skin tone, making it the perfect pre holiday treatment
  • Reduces water retention and eases stress and tension
  • Stimulates circulation whilst removing dead cells
  • Prevents premature ageing
  • Helps to break down fat and boosts the immune system
Price £45 (60 mins)

Pukka Indian Head Massage
This treatment includes back, arms, neck and scalp. Excellent for stress management and provides an instant boost to energy levels and the immune system when received regularly. The Western version is performed seated and without the need to remove clothes. "Pukka" Indian Head Massage is received lying down and warm ayurvedic oils are massaged into the scalp

Price £70 (105 mins)

‘Peeling Velours’ Micro-dermabrasion Facial
Peeling Velours, from the House of Lydia Dainow, addresses pigmentation marks and scars, brightening the skin and delivering a fantastic, satin smoothness and lasting glow.

It is a gentle and effective skin regeneration method – the only natural, herbal alternative to micro-dermabrasion with immediate improvement and no irritation. This natural, healthy facial uses the power of phyto-active ingredients, leaving your skin clean, revitalised and glowing. I have been trained in this eight-step procedure, using the purest, quality products.

Price £45 (75 mins)

The RR ‘East meets West’ Facial
This tailored facial uses the Bharti Vyas Ultimate Therapy range to refresh and restore your complexion. Lymphatic drainage massage is used to remove toxins and boost circulation, while your shoulders and neck are simultaneously smoothed over the course of one hour and fifteen minutes.

Price £40 (60 mins)

The Tsuboki Japanese acupressure lifting facial
This hour-long facial uses a combination of massage and pressure points to revitalise and tone your skin, whilst the body receives a health boost from the meridians that run through your face, neck and head. You’ll leave with an inner harmony and balance that is reflected in your face long afterwards.

An extended 1Hr 45 mins treatment with a Lydia Dainow collagen mask to lift and firm also available.

Price £70 (90 mins)

Luxury Hydrotherm Back Massage & Bespoke Facial
A firm favourite for all! Indulge in this most popular of therapies while floating throughout on a warm hydrotherm cushion.

From £35 (Surcharge of £10 for varnish application)

Holistic Manicures & Pedicures
Your hands and feet are first treated with salt scrub before nails and cuticles are addressed. Massage then warms, softens and opens the area before vital reflex points are targeted. To close, a mask is applied and then sealed for active detoxification.

Price of probe + £1/minute of treatment

Gentle, Permanent Hair Removal
For more than a century, electrolysis has been the only safe, permanent hair removal method. This technique permanently destroys the cells responsible for hair growth through the insertion of a fine probe in the hair follicle and the application of a finely-adjusted current, targeted with pinpoint precision.

This treatment can be adjusted to suit each client, so you can rest assured that it is safe, comfortable and effective and uses the latest advances in technology, with Apilus computer-controlled accuracy.

Prices as per massage

Emmett Technique
The Emmett Technique is a simple, safe and non-invasive muscle release therapy, based on using sequences of muscle activation points used in order to unlock muscle memory, allowing the brain to realign itself and address lingering problems. Although the process is based on a very light touch, the results can be near-instantaneous, even with just one session. It reduces pain and discomfort, particularly in problem areas such as the neck, shoulders and back.

Reinu is also an EMM-Tech Tutor and has taught many clients how to help themselves through this workshop.  Please enquire if you would like to learn this Easy Muscle Management technique.

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